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Dive Rite

Dive Rite was established in 1984 by Lamar Hires and Mark Leonard, two underwater cave explorers and cave diving instructors from North Florida. 

Most cave divers made their own gear to fit the cave environment. Lamar and Mark changed that and began the first technical dive gear company in existence.

Lamar Hires later bought the company and has made it grown to a worldwide dive equipment manufacturer with distribution in 68 countries, and continues with the innovation and quality on every product. Dive Rite has a proud history of supporting dive exploration, conservation and education.


Waterproof is producer of award winning high quality diving suits and accessories. Waterproof was established in Göteborg, Sweden 1984. The secret behind Waterproofs success is very simple. We do our own diving! That is the only true way to find out where the need is and adjust according to it.

Hands on experience, built right into our suits, together with a never ending curiosity of how to extend the limits of diving. This is what we call Facing Reality.


From its beginnings in 2004 Shearwater Research Inc. has been fueled by the passion and vision of its CEO Bruce Partridge. With a background in computer systems design, embedded programming and advanced technical diving, Bruce brings a unique perspective to the world of dive computers. As an experienced rebreather and open circuit technical diver, understood the need for divers to be offered reasonable choices, requiring as few button pushes as possible, during stressful underwater situations. 

Coupled with Bruce’s strong programming skills, Shearwater Research has quickly become a major supplier of trimix computers and electronic control systems for rebreathers 

Ricardo Castillo

Diver, instructor and expedition leader for more than 20 years. He spends most of his life exploring, diving, and teaching everything from basic scuba to cave diving and CCR.

Eckehardt von Damn

Diver and photographer since 1980 with more than 1,000 dives around the world. Having dedicated most of his life to the film industry, in 2007 he founded the renowned production company Corazon Films.

Veronica Ortiz


Graduated in Marketing, athlete and diver, passionate about the underwater world and long motorcycle rides.

Pablo Baquerizo


Professional diver and photo/video enthusiast with a deep admiration for sharks and a big obsession with traveling anywhere remote.